Effortless Custom Reporting and Analytics for Sitecore

Simply connect to Sitecore and build any report you want in 5 minutes.

Double the ROI of your Sitecore investment. Every year.

Go Beyond Sitecore’s Standard Reports and Analytics

SitecoreInsights allows you to ask any question on any Sitecore data. Build interactive reports easily and quickly. Then share and publish anywhere.
Direct, Instant NoSQL Analytics Software
More Than BI: Build Data Applications Right In Your Browser. No Coding.

Get Insights On Live Sitecore Data In xDB

Stop waiting for the overnight ETL process. SitecoreInsights lets you analyze live Sitecore event data.

Skip IT, Get Self-Serve Analytics On Sitecore

SitecoreInsights is self-serve analytics. Just connect to xDB and start building custom reports. No developer needed.
No Prep = More Analysis

About SitecoreInsights

SitecoreInsights is powered by SlamData, the leading NoSQL analytics solutions. SlamData is built on a cutting-edge compiler that allows users to create charts visually (click to assemble) or via SQL -- never having to learn an underlying query language. It's web-based visualization builder is easy to use but offers the ability to assemble enterprise analytical workflows. Learn more at SlamData.com.

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